Understanding the Three Techniques of Sheet Metal Bending in Metal Fabrication

There are different methods of sheet metal bending used in metal fabrication. Bottoming and air bending methods are the most common and can be done on a single press brake that requires less than 25 tons of pressure. Additionally, press brakes feature a CNC-regulated back gauge that permits bend line accuracy and positioning.  In this post, we shall discuss three types of sheet metal bending and how they work. They include:

How Safe Is Your Building in a Fire?

Whatever the nature of the property is that you're responsible for, you cannot afford to ignore the risks posed by fire. Even if you consider the possibility of a fire to be minimal, you must be aware of how a fire could be started and what the occupants of the building would need to do in the event of a fire. Unless you happen to be an expert in fire protection, it can be useful to work with a company which offers fire protection services.

Planning to Propose Marriage on a Balloon Ride? Don't Forget Your Phone

A marriage proposal can happen anytime, anywhere. When you have decided to pop the question to your partner, you might opt for a grand romantic gesture. There's a certain logic to proposing marriage during a hot air balloon flight. The world is at your feet, you're feeling uplifted (figuratively and literally), and it just seems like such an ideal spot for a grand declaration of love. While balloon flights are certainly a good choice for your proposal, there are a few things you should think about before climbing into the basket with the engagement ring safely tucked away.

How can you protect your children from germs in public toilets?

If you are a parent of a child who has entered the potty training stage, then you will understand the difficulties that can occur whenever you need to take them out of the house. The weekly shopping trip can quickly turn from a fun trip to the supermarket to a mad dash to find a public toilet when one of your children announces that they 'need to go'. Since the 'need to go' is often urgent, you rarely have time to be choosy when it comes to selecting a public toilet and simply have to opt for the nearest facility.

Workwear Nursing Homes Should Consider Supplying

If you operate a nursing home facility then there are some things you have to consider for your employees. One of those is making sure that they are in workwear that is ideal and safe for them to wear in their work environment. Though many businesses leave this to the individual employee, some nursing homes are finding it better to supply certain workwear. Here are some of the options you should consider and what to know about each one: