Are you looking for new turf for your lawn?

Have you looked at your lawn recently and noticed that it is starting to look brown and dry? Maybe, it is already dead and your garden has begun to resemble a dustbowl? A lawn should be a great asset to any home. However, if you have the wrong turf, it can quickly become an eyesore instead of an asset. The best way to ensure that your lawn stays green for as long as possible is to use turf that is well-suited to the Australian climate.

Which grass is best for Australian gardens?

If you are looking for turf, the most popular choices are types of Buffalo turf. The Australian climate varies between extremes of heat for one part of the year and cold and ice for another part. To survive these temperature extremes is not easy, but several types of grass have been developed to thrive in these conditions. One of these types of turf is Sapphire Buffalo turf.

What are the advantages of Buffalo turf?

One of the chief advantages of Buffalo turf is that it can grow well in the sun and the shade. Since it needs less water than some other types of turf, it will stay green and look good through most of the year. Buffalo turf has two other advantages that explain why it has become one of the most popular types of Australian turf. The turf feels soft underfoot, so you can let children and pets play on it without any fear that they will hurt themselves, yet the turf is also resilient enough to survive the rough use that families can someones make of their lawn. It will not, like some types of turf, be easily torn up, leaving muddy patches where the lawn used to be.

How should you look after your lawn?

Once your Buffalo turf lawn is installed, you will notice that it is quite low maintenance. Buffalo turf is designed to be resistant to disease and can thrive in most conditions. If the turf does suffer during a time of drought, you should notice that it recovers rapidly once the climate changes. Of course, you will still need to get involved in mowing the grass and trimming the edges of your new lawn to maintain the neat appearance of the lawn, but there should not be any other work involved.

To learn more about installing Buffalo turf lawn outside your home, speak to your supplier today.