Natural Lawn Establishment: Main Considerations for Picking the Right Grass for Your Home

Thinking of laying a natural lawn in your home? Nothing screams beauty in a residential landscape more than having a thick, well-manicured natural lawn. Choosing the right lawn grass is essential for laying the perfect lawn, but not all lawn grasses are created equal. Each grass variety has specific characteristics, pros, and cons that may or may not make it suitable for your new lawn.

Here are some of the many important factors you'll need to weigh when deciding which type of grass to use in laying your new lawn.

The Characteristics of Your Home's Soil

Different regions of Australia have different soil types. The type of soil you have in your specific area may influence what type of grass you should use for lawn installation.

Why does the soil type matter? Like other plants, different grasses require varying amounts of nutrients and water to grow healthy. As a result, your soil's characteristics – primarily its nutrient content and water-holding capacity – may affect your choice of grass for lawn establishment.

The Climate of the Area You Live In

How much rain, sunlight, and humidity do you receive in your area? The climate of the area you live in may sway your decision on which type of grass to use in installing a lawn. This is because different grass varieties have different requirements with regards to the kind of climate they require to flourish. Certain grasses may or may not tolerate drought, frost, or shade, making them suitable or unsuitable for installing your residential lawn.

Make sure you choose a grass type that will grow well under your local climatic conditions.

The Level of Upkeep That Your New Lawn Will Demand

Although all grasses require some sort of upkeep to keep thriving, some demand more attention than others. For example, drought-resistant varieties of grass can survive longer without water compared to the less drought-tolerant grasses. As a result, they lead to less frequent watering tasks.

When selecting grass for your natural lawn, go for a grass species that suits your individual tendencies as a home gardener.

How Your Lawn Will Look and Feel

It's also recommended you consider the appearance and texture of your lawn when choosing your grass. The right grass should look its best throughout the year and feel soft and comfy under bare feet, just like carpet floors.

Picking the right grass type is essential for ensuring the success of any natural lawn installation project. If you need more information before making a decision on different types of lawn, feel free to consult a local lawn installation professional.