How to Ensure Efficient Sprinkler Irrigation in Your Nursery

Irrigation can improve your crop's quality. If you are in the agricultural industry, then you understand how having irrigation systems is a great way of ensuring healthy plant growth.

However, a lot of nurseries and greenhouses still experience irrigation issues that lead to wasted water. Therefore, if you run a nursery, it is vital to learn proper sprinkler installation and use. Here are things to know before installing a sprinkler in your nursery.

Get the Proper Design

The major cause of ineffective irrigation is choosing the wrong sprinkler design. Improper sprinkler design will likely lead to runoff, overwatering or underwatering. If you already have an existing sprinkler unit installed, sometimes it is vital to have it re-designed to suit your changing needs.

It is vital to consider the spacing restrictions, rate of application and operating pressure required before installing a sprinkler. The ideal length of time to irrigate your plants for will depend on your nursery's surface area and sprinkler's flow rate. Ensure you install the system following the manufacturer's parameters so it will work efficiently.

Choose a High-Quality Sprinkler

The overall efficiency of a sprinkler unit is determined by its quality. One type of sprinkler to avoid using in your nursery is the impact sprinkler, as it needs very high pressure to run. Impact sprinklers tend to cover a relatively small section when running and produce fine droplets that will blow away easily during strong winds.

The best type of sprinkler to get is one that does not take a long time to cover its wetted circle. Such systems will help get rid of dry spots and runoff in your nursery. Also, get a sprinkler unit that produces the largest possible drops without damaging the crops and soil.

Always Maintain Your Unit

One thing to know before getting a sprinkler is that it needs regular maintenance, just like all other machines. Therefore, plan for scheduled maintenance where you can check for any broken lines or leaks in your system. It is also important to analyse the sprinkler when it is working to pinpoint other issues, such as misdirected patterns.

If you are not ready to keep examining your sprinkler system, then expect irregularities in the nursery's irrigation after a while.

Installing a sprinkler irrigation unit can help increase crop yields and profits in your nursery as long as it is done right. Therefore, talk to the experts to find the best irrigation unit for your nursery and get professional installation. Professionals will help you understand the best ways to use your sprinkler unit and maintain it to ensure efficient irrigation.

To learn more, contact a sprinkler installation contractor.