Do You Need A New Fire Sprinkler System?

Fire sprinkler systems are one of the most effective ways to protect your building, whether it be an office or an apartment, from fires. Fires are a common worry across Australia and so putting in preventative measures to keep you, your family or your employees safe is always a good idea. The only issue can be knowing when you need to replace some pieces of fire protection equipment when they become obsolete. Fire sprinkler systems have a very good lifespan but is it even possible to tell when they need to be replaced? Here are three ways to stay on top of this problem.

Regular Inspections

While fire extinguishers have regular service records that you can test easily enough, fire sprinkler systems require a little bit more of a specialised testing procedure by a licensed technician. You can't just turn them on and off because you might very well flood the entire building full of expensive equipment. Luckily there are ways to test fire sprinkler systems without resorting to that amount of damage, and it is very important you keep up with this. There would be no worse feeling than a fire actually breaking out and your sprinkler system failing to respond because it had been broken for years. 

Manage The Environment

If your fire sprinkler systems are in buildings that pose specific and unusual environments that are more dangerous than usual then you may need to keep a more watchful eye on them. Any sort of manufacturing, refining or laboratory setting should come with increased safety checks of all fire management equipment, including your fire sprinklers. The chemicals and odours produced in these facilities can play tricks on your fire sprinkler system outlets and jam them up without you even realising. If you notice the fire sprinkler heads look different to how they did when installed, such as a weird, sandy material on the surface, then call for an immediate inspection.

Be Aware Of Rust

The number one most obvious sign that your fire sprinkler system is not in good working order is a build-up of rust on the pipe and around the head. The issue is, often these areas are painted over and so are not visible to the naked eye until the paint is removed. Where possible, you should try to leave the pipes of your fire sprinklers unpainted, and if you cannot, then check on them every few months to ensure nothing gets past you. Rust can cause catastrophic failure and even major leaks that cause you thousands in damages. 

For more information, contact a fire sprinkler system service in your area.