3 Top Advantages of Renting Mine Reclamation Equipment

While mining adds great economic value to the local community, the process leads to significant land dilapidation. Besides, once the mining companies are done with the mine, little effort is channelled towards proper land reclamation process. Mine reclamation can take years to complete, and thus, it's vital to get the first restoration steps right. And this may begin by hiring the perfect mine reclamation equipment.

This article discusses the main reasons why it would be better to rent land reclamation equipment rather than buying it new.

Shorter Project Timeline

Indeed, mining projects are colossal and require large machinery and equipment to extract soil and minerals from the ground. In the same fashion, you need large equipment to reclaim a mine. These oversized pieces of equipment are quite expensive and you may require extra financing to buy a new one. Unfortunately, financing may take a long time going through processing before approval, hence dragging your projects. 

On the contrary, hiring mine reclamation equipment is quite a simple process that doesn't have complexities found during the purchase process. As such, you can commence your reclamation project as soon as you've acquired your rental equipment onsite. 

Onsite Maintenance

Most mining companies install convenient maintenance stations onsite for easier maintenance and repair of large machinery and equipment. But one drawback is the high cost of employing an in-house maintenance team, especially for large, modern and technologically advanced equipment. You may also want to send the equipment back to the manufacturers for the required repairs. Again, this option is not feasible since the large equipment size presents transportation challenges.

Fortunately, when you hire large mine reclamation equipment, you don't have to worry about maintenance and repairs. Your rental company offers all maintenance and repairs of large reclamation equipment onsite. Hence, you will not have any maintenance or repair obligations but will be able to focus on more important aspects of the reclamation project.

All Assets are Put to Use

The sheer amount of effort and work put in mine reclamation means that there are quite a few similar projects. Therefore, it may take a considerable amount of time until your company lands another land reclamation project. With such a long waiting period, it wouldn't be wise to spend thousands of dollars purchasing equipment that will remain idle. However, when renting large land reclamation equipment, there are zero worries over unused assets since you return the equipment to the rental firm after project completion.

These are the three top reasons why you should rent large mining reclamation equipment for your projects. Hopefully, you have some invaluable insights when deciding between purchasing and renting mining reclamation equipment.

For more information, contact a company that offers large mining equipment reclamation services.