Planning to Propose Marriage on a Balloon Ride? Don't Forget Your Phone

A marriage proposal can happen anytime, anywhere. When you have decided to pop the question to your partner, you might opt for a grand romantic gesture. There's a certain logic to proposing marriage during a hot air balloon flight. The world is at your feet, you're feeling uplifted (figuratively and literally), and it just seems like such an ideal spot for a grand declaration of love. While balloon flights are certainly a good choice for your proposal, there are a few things you should think about before climbing into the basket with the engagement ring safely tucked away.

The Three Outcomes

Proposing marriage on a hot air balloon can go one of three ways:

  1. They say yes, you're both overjoyed and you can spend the remainder of the flight alternating between gazing into each other's eyes and taking in the magnificent panoramic views.
  2. They say no, and you have to spend the rest of your time in the air confined in a small space, potentially feeling uncomfortably awkward.
  3. They say they need to think about it. This is fine, since it's a lifelong commitment and your partner might need to consider the proposal before deciding. This one could also be a bit awkward.

Don't Forget Your Phone

It's wise to bring your phone with you on your balloon ride. Ask how long the flight will be, and set an alarm (vibration only, with the phone in your pocket so only you will notice the alarm). The alarm should go off towards the end of the flight, while you're still high in the air. This can help to minimise awkwardness in the event that the answer is no or maybe. It wasn't the answer you were hoping for, but you will both soon be on the ground, which makes things easier.

The Folks on the Ground

Your phone also allows you to stay in contact with folks on the ground. But which folks? If you were expecting a resounding yes, you might invite family and friends to meet you as you land, with champagne, food and general good wishes. When the answer is yes, you can send a text to tell everyone to get ready. If it's a no or a maybe, you can send a text to tell everyone to make themselves scarce. 

Ideally, the answer will be yes, yes, a thousand times yes. But while you can often safely assume this will be the case, you can't dismiss the possibility of not getting the answer you wanted. A hot air balloon ride is a sensational place to propose, but it's smart to get the timing right and to bring your phone for any last moment logistical matters. Reach out to hot air balloon flight providers to learn more.