How can you protect your children from germs in public toilets?

If you are a parent of a child who has entered the potty training stage, then you will understand the difficulties that can occur whenever you need to take them out of the house. The weekly shopping trip can quickly turn from a fun trip to the supermarket to a mad dash to find a public toilet when one of your children announces that they 'need to go'. Since the 'need to go' is often urgent, you rarely have time to be choosy when it comes to selecting a public toilet and simply have to opt for the nearest facility. Here are three reasons to use a disposable toilet seat for children every time you visit a public toilet.

Problems with children using public toilets

If you have spent much time using public toilets, then you will know that they aren't always kept in the cleanest possible condition.

Toilet seats are rarely germ-free even if they appear to be outwardly clean. While most adults are able to squat or ensure that they keep themselves clean while using public facilities children aren't always able to do the same. You could try covering the seat with toilet paper but this is wasteful, messy and often not practical with children who tend to pull at the paper while they are sitting.

It is common for children to grip the sides of the toilet seat while they are sitting down, bringing them into contact with more germs that could expose them to further health risks.

While children are sitting on the toilet it's common for their legs and underwear to come into contact with the front of the toilet and that area is often not clean at all. In public toilets, it is sadly common for other users to drip down the front of the toilet and neglect to clean it up sufficiently.

How can a seat cover help?

The most practical solution to all of these toilet problems is to use a disposable toilet seat cover for children. By carrying a pack of disposable seat covers with you whenever you go out with your children, you can provide a hygienic barrier between your children and the toilet. You can use a disposable cover to ensure that the toilet is fully covered before they sit down. A good disposable toilet seat cover for children will cover more than just the seat. It will also hygienically shield all parts of your children's body from harmful germs and give you complete peace of mind whatever toilet facilities you are forced to use. Look for places that provide disposable toilet seat covers for children