Workwear Nursing Homes Should Consider Supplying

If you operate a nursing home facility then there are some things you have to consider for your employees. One of those is making sure that they are in workwear that is ideal and safe for them to wear in their work environment. Though many businesses leave this to the individual employee, some nursing homes are finding it better to supply certain workwear. Here are some of the options you should consider and what to know about each one:

Skid-Proof Shoes

Nursing homes have several areas where skidding and slipping could cause damage to the residents and to the employees. For this reason, having proper skid-proof shoes and slip-proof options are vital. You can ensure that each of your employees has what they need by settling on a shoe that will allow them to work while keeping them safe from slipping on small or large spills, in the shower, and in other areas where their duties take them. The shoes can be kept by the employee and could be listed as a repurchase item if they find they need a second pair.

Scrub Sets

If you allow your employees to buy their own scrubs you could end up with several variations of colour and design. This can look more professional on some employees than others. One way to maintain a professional look among your employees is to choose a scrub set that works for your employees. You can choose the colour and design and make all sizes available. This will allow you to maintain a specific colour for different halls, nurses and departments. You can also make sure you have several sets on hand to offer to new employees as soon as they are hired.

Scrub Jackets and Underscrubs 

Many of the nursing home areas your employees will be in can be chilly. This can be difficult especially during colder months when the temperature can drop rapidly. You can help your employees by offering a scrub jacket that will help keep the chill off. You can also offer one or two underscrub shirts that can be worn in lieu of the jacket to keep your employees' arms warm while working during these colder months. 

If you are ready to begin purchasing and building up your workwear supplies at your nursing home, contact your local workwear dealer. They can help you with choices, ordering and sizing and can answer any questions you have. They can also help with ordering bulk items and with logo patterns if you require them.