Corporate Document Destruction Options You Should Consider

As a business manager, you may be considering the use of a corporate document destruction company. This business usually brings to mind the idea of having papers destroyed and shredded. The truth is, there are several other options these companies offer that can help your business. This is even true if you have a paperless company. Here are some of those destruction options and what you need to know about each one.

Hard Drive Destruction

Every business will have computer systems that become outdated and beyond upgrading. This means you are left with hard drives that have information to be deleted and handled in a secure manner. For many businesses, this means either holding onto the hard drives or just deleting them and hoping the information can't be accessed by hacking methods. One way you can handle the hard drives is to have a document destruction company destroy the hard drive itself. They can fully delete then destroy the hard drives to ensure all the information is erased and unable to be re-obtained. This destruction can be done on personal thumbdrives as well as on full computer systems in the building.

Card Shredding

Many businesses use identification cards as passes for their employees. These cards contain sensitive information and are connected to sensitive information. For example, they hold social security numbers, names, and other information that could be a security breach if found. You can have these cards destroyed by a shredding service offered by the corporate document destruction service. Your cards can be shredded and destroyed so that nothing is left of them, giving them no way to be duplicated or to have information extracted.

Routine Document Shredding

You will likely have some form of paper documents that need shredding on a routine basis. This may be correspondence from other companies or from something you would not offer a paperless option with. The company will bring in a mobile shredding unit and shred the items. If you want to go a step further, you can the items incinerated to prevent a possible security breach. 

When you are ready to order corporate document destruction, contact your local service provider. They can help you with questions and discuss the options that would be best for you.  They can also offer services that are performed on a routine basis. This can help maintain your system and help maintain the security of your documents.