Fundraising for Your School with an Art Show

If you're looking to raise funds for your school, there's no better way to do so than by producing something that you can sell. People are far more likely to make a purchase than give a donation. School art shows offer the best of all worlds. They allow students to participate in the raising of funds for the school they attend. Engaging children in art projects allows them to communicate their thoughts and express feelings. It is an excellent outlet for children of all ages to use their imagination and develop creativity. And as a school, you'll benefit from sales and the much-needed funds. Here are a few tips to get you started.


Whether you want to pick a theme for your show is entirely up to you. There can be benefits if your show is being held at an important time of year, like Christmas or Easter — you'll be able to use the sentiments of the time and the fact that people are spending money on gifts. Having a theme can also work to activate your students' creativity.

Frame the Artwork

In some art shows, only a selection of the students' art will be shown. To fundraise, you should select one piece from every student that wants to take part. Frames can be cheap, ideally second-hand, and will give the artwork a more professional look.

Choose the Perfect Location

You'll need a location with a lot of empty wall space to display your art. Gymnasiums, cafeterias and hallways make the perfect venues. Additionally, if there are any professional venues close to the school, approach them and ask if they'll allow you to use their space for free. A town hall or public library would also be an ideal spot. Don't worry about damaging walls; art can be hung with non-damaging adhesive hooks. If you're using a space with limited empty walls, then display panels will work well.  

Allow Pre-Orders of Merchandise

Many companies will print images onto things like mugs and t-shirts without you having to order in bulk. You'll simply need to photograph the students' artwork in good lighting with a decent camera and you're good to go. Asking people to pre-order and pay for the merchandise in advance will save the school from having to spend any money. You can also arrange for calendars with collections of art for each month.


Getting the word out about your show is vital to its success. Start early with a 'save the date' email invitation. Closer to the time, remind students' families of the event with a flyer. You should also put them up around the school and in local community venues. Flyers can be cheap to produce. Use coloured paper and your school's photocopy machine.

For more help with your school art shows, reach out to resources near you.