The Key Component That Makes So Many Electrical Devices Run Smoothly

Sometimes we take the simplest thing for granted without ever really understanding their impact on our modern life. In the 1970s and 1980s, there was a huge breakthrough in technology that has precipitated the technological boom, and yet, most people don't know what it was. It was the creation of rare-earth magnets which are now used throughout the world in many electronic devices and have laid the platform for our current streamlining of technology. Quite possibly the most underrated modern technological advancement has been the implementation of these rare-earth magnets and here is why.

What Is A Rare-Earth Magnet?

A rare-earth magnet is not, as the name might suggest, actually that rare. The term 'rare earth' simply refers to the small deposits that most of these metals are found in, making them hard to mine on a large scale. These rare-earth metals are then mixed together to form alloys that are much more receptive to being magnetised. In effect, you are creating the strongest magnet possible by utilising the metals that are most susceptible to magnetisation. Thus, the term "rare-earth magnets" stuck, despite being largely a generalised term and not really that good of a description to the layperson.

What Are They Used In?

You may not know this, but magnets are used in a lot of electronic devices. Televisions, speakers, computers, phones, washing machines, cameras and so much more all use magnets. Rare-earth magnets are used because they can be customised and are exceptionally strong. In computers, rare-earth magnets are used in a fascinating way to store data. That is part of the reason computers and phones have been able to get so small; because better rare-earth magnets keep getting developed. However, storing data is not the only thing that rare-earth magnets can do, and it would take years to explain what their individual task is in each appliance they are used in. Suffice to say if there is an electronic device that you use, odds are it has a magnet in it.

I Am Trying To Build My Own Device, Should I Use Rare-Earth Magnets?

Luckily rare-earth magnets are not that far out of the reach of your average consumer. Many electronic stores or specialised contractors will sell rare-earth magnets, and if you are trying to utilise a popular function of these magnets then, by all means, go for it. The magnets are quire harmless to humans. As rare-earth magnets getting even smaller and more powerful, the sky is the limit for what you can develop and it is time the little component got some recognition for its amazing uses.